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Services for Mobile Prototyping

Have you ever needed to sell a mobile project? Omega Mobile's rapid prototyping translates your ideas into rich software demos. Need to sell your projects to clients? Need to get investor funding? How about approaching upper management with a fresh idea? You can't pitch empty handed. Omega Mobile can get you there first.

In rapid prototyping, interactive mobile prototypes are developed that can easily be replaced or quickly improved to keep in step with design feedback. This enables you to create multiple iterations of your product in a short period of time. Instead of spending ages at the drawing board without trying your concepts in the real world, you can repeat the cycles of development, testing, and refinement until they meet your needs. This enables you to drastically reduce your time to market.

Mobile prototypes maximize your opportunities

Do you take advantage of mobile opportunities? Omega Mobile's rapid prototypes smooth out design issues, lead to new product innovations and help you explore unlimited options. You'll pinpoint the perfect application for your market, your brand and your revenue goals. We help you get to market quickly and capitalize on mobile opportunities.

See it, build it, fast

Our mobile design team has the flexibility to create, test, and refine rich prototype faster than ever before. We accelerate prototype development on desktop platforms and then deploy to the device. This slashes a process that normally consumes months of time to just a few weeks.

Mobile prototypes turn your strategy into reality

Our prototypes help you create innovative new products. They explore many viable options and help you develop the perfect application for your market, your brand and your revenue goals. Our prototyping process also works through the technical limitations of mobile multimedia and takes into consideration future advances on the horizon that may influence your product road map.

Omega Mobile has the passion and experience you need to be successful. We've been designing mobile experiences for over 12 years. We design for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and more. We can even create prototypes that can be easily changed for pitching to different clients. Imagine the results you'll get when you walk into a client meeting with a product quality prototype that looks like it's been customized exactly to your client's needs.

Make your mobile prototype project easy

Call us now at 415-596-6342 for your free high-level exploration. You won't get a sales pitch — you'll get a collaborative brainstorm and a high-level exploration of your mobile opportunities. And yeah, it's free and there's no obligation.