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A post on Mobile Marketing Watch announced how big brands like Target are driving sales with an effective mobile retail strategy that incorporates coupons. In fact, using mobile coupons to drive traffic is an increasingly popular retail tactic. If your mobile design strategy allows for easy sharing and instant access to reviews, and if your mobile retail strategy offers reward points and other incentives, your mobile coupons will effectively drive retail traffic and increase your sales.

Mobile Design Strategy Coupon Ideas

Below are some mobile retail design strategies for boosting the power of your mobile coupons.

1. Let users subscribe to specific coupons: For example let them sign up for specific department coupons like home, bed & bath, kitchen & dining. Tailored incentives are much more effective.

2. Wishlist coupons: Offer users coupons for things they want or notify them when items they’ve wishlisted go on sale. You have warm leads here you can maximize for sales.

3. Take advantage of GeoFencing: If a user is within a certain radius of a retail location, give them an incentive to stop in and shop.

4. Allow users to share coupons: Ensure your mobile design effort makes it easy for them to post your offers on their social networks and expand your reach.

5. Follow-up: if a user redeems your coupon, have a mobile retail strategy in place for offering more coupons in the future or other brand building incentives.

6. Allow easy and instant access to reviews: Your mobile design strategy should let consumers check reviews for at least coupon items. Access to reviews speeds the buying decision process.

7. Offer extra discounts for check-ins: Allow users to ‘check in’ when they are in a store to get additional deals exclusive to in-store shoppers.

8. Promote in-store only coupons: Let users they can access extra coupons in-store only. Maybe have specific offers tied to each day of the week. For example, Saturday is extra home coupons day (a day when people are likely to make home purchases). Tuesday (the day when new movies get released) is movie coupons day, etc. Train people to come to the store and expect speficic offers tailored to their interests on specific days.

9. Allow users to combine coupons for additional savings: If they have a 10% off blouse coupon and a 10% of pants coupon, let them use both for 25% off the entire purchase.

10. Reward with future coupons: Tell them that if they spend a certain amount today, they can get a discount on a future purchase.

11. Share coupons social networks: Offer coupon incentives for spreading the word about your products.

12. Offer extra reward points: Tie your mobile coupons into your rewards program by attaching extra reward points to specific coupons.

13. The more you spend, the more you save: Boost sales by encouraging consumers to buy more for additional discounts.

14. Double or triple coupon days: To drive traffic on a specific day of the week, let users double or triple the value of their mobile coupons.

All of the above mobile design strategy ideas for retail coupons will work best if you have a solid mobile strategy in place and if that strategy is well executed. When those two elements come together, mobile coupons can be used to drive retail sales in a number of ways.

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