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A recent post from Mobile Insider, called The Path to App-iness, discusses the various factors that affect an app’s success. Incorporating the findings into your mobile user interface can really boost your app’s popularity. Basically, if your app isn’t easy to use and doesn’t offer valuable content, then users are likely to abandon it.

blog post app love 011 Good Mobile User Interface Design Leads to App Love

The statistics come from a study conducted by MTV Networks and presented this month at the OMMA Mobile Show in New York City. When designing an app, you’ll want to consider the following:

  • 79% of users stick with an app because of its ease
  • 53% find apps through recommendations
  • 55% say having fresh content is still important in making an app among a user’s favorites
  • 38% dump deleted apps within 3 weeks
  • 55% of those who deleted an app did so because they found a better alternative

What these numbers mean is that when you’re designing a branded app or creating one for advertising purposes, you have a few slim chances to make your app memorable enough so people use it, keep it and recommend it to their friends. When designing your app feature set and mobile user interface, pay close attention to your app’s core functionality and core uses during the design phase. Good mobile design is not an after-thought. It’s as integral to the success of your app as your content and the features. Create easy and intuitive mobile user interfaces. Know the competition and make your app better.

A second criteria for creating a popular app is fresh content. More than half of app users say updated, relevant content is what leads them to keep an app. When you’re designing mobile user interfaces, make sure you can quickly change and add content, and incorporate a way to notify users when new content is posted. You’ll also want to let users know how you’ll be updating content and when. This way they’ll be more receptive to your app and less likely to delete it.

There are hundreds of thousands of apps out there. Most are not worth the free download. People are less forgiving on mobile and, as the above stats show, are willing to delete your app within three weeks. Yet if you invest time and thought into your mobile app design, you’ll have satisfied mobile app users who will remain loyal to your brand, recommend your app, and spread your message

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