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A new post from MediaPost reports that nearly four in ten mobile users find mobile branded apps from their favorite brands disappointing. How can a mobile marketing and advertising app create user experiences and functionality to engage their customers? Web strategy doesn’t transfer to mobile. Brands need to expand beyond awareness and education and focus on the mobile user experience design when creating mobile branded apps.

blog post branded app users frustrated 38% of Users are Unhappy with Mobile Branded Apps. What can you do?

The study also showed that 70% using mobile branded apps agreed that an app that isn’t useful or easy to use contributes to a negative perception about a brand. Brands today can’t ignore critical elements of the mobile user interface design and mobile user experience design when creating an app.

Close to three-quarters (73%) of users believe a mobile advertising app or a mobile marketing app should be easier to use than the company Web site. How many times have you felt confused when using a branded app?

Remember in the late 90s when the early web was evolving commercially? A visually unappealing website, frustrating to navigate with clunky functionality clearly conveyed “Wow. That company doesn’t get it.”

This is EXACTLY what brands portray - even to fans - when they execute a branded mobile app poorly.

A branded app is not just a checkbox on a list. Mobile branded apps for marketing and advertising have a valuable function and can sway consumer perception with the press of a button. Here are some factors to consider when executing a branded app:

  • Is your branded app integrated well with your marketing campaigns across multiple platforms?
  • Does your mobile user interface not only conform to device specific UI guidelines but exceed them? Good enough doesn’t cut it.
  • Are you effectively communicating your message through utility or entertainment? The medium is NOT the message. The message is the message.
  • Are you providing ongoing fresh content to drive repeat visits and encourage social media sharing?
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