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A recent study sited on revealed that more than half of consumers in 11 countries used their mobile phones while shopping in a store. Uses included comparison shopping, getting peer feedback, looking up product information and finding coupons.

Mobile Shopping

I recently did exactly that. I was browsing a bookstore and picked up an interesting title. After looking up a great review on Amazon, I made the in-store purchase. Then I added other books to my Amazon cart to look up later.

This should bring a sigh of relief to traditional retailers as well as a call to action. Retailers need to explore how the physical in-store experience can be complemented and enhanced by mobile.

One great way to blend shopping and mobile is with visual searching. The Nokia Point & Find is a good example of how this could work. Forget about waiting around for a sales clerk. And what are the chances that a retail employee is knowledgeable about every single item in a store? It would be great to just snap a picture of an item or hold your device up to it and get instant information.

Large retailers could really benefit if they had their own app. For example, if you were at Best Buy, the app would provide information on the in-store product as well as suggesting additional purchases (a power cord, batteries, etc.), giving details of the warrantee program or outlining a special credit card offer.

The opportunity to access exclusive offers, coupons and discounts in-store with a mobile device would be great. Also, retailers should make spreading the word to your social network or an individual contact as easy as possible.

The next time you head out to shop, remember that your mobile is a great companion.

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