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I often don’t think of print advertising and interactivity together. After reading an InteractiveTV Today article about Procter & Gamble’s new campaign, I couldn’t wait to see the ad for Always Infinity. Print design has been combined with augmented reality to make traditional print advertising interactive in a really creative way. (There is both a paper-to-screen and a web component available) 

Augmented Reality Mobile Ads

With a magic theme (think top hat, wand, rabbit, sparkles), the ad directs consumers to a site where they can use the print ad and their Web cam to unlock 3D augmented reality animation. See it here

Pretty cool. This is a great example of paper being the trigger point for augmented reality. Despite too many steps (printing ad, going to website, installing plug-in, etc.) this is still a trial. 

I’m looking forward to more seamless experiences in the future. For example, a magazine ad for a new digital camera would open a browser page using your mobile device. The site would allow you to interface with the product and get an augmented reality demo on top of the magazine ad. Moving your mobile device around the page would highlight different features in the user interface. You could then request more information, forward the ad to friends or, every advertisers dream result, immediately make a purchase. 

Advances will lead to multiscreen integrated advertising campaigns that run across print, TV, mobile and computer. There could be different augmented reality variants depending on the medium. And the campaign could use harvested user demographics to tailor the ad to the person.

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