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Fierce Mobile Content had a post on Universal Studios Home Entertainment adding a ton of iPhone and iPod touch enabled features on upcoming Blu-ray releases, the first is Fast & Furious. One of the bonus features is a “Virtual Car Garage” where users can control 360-degree views of street-racing scenes. Integration with Twitter and Facebook is coming as well.

iPhone User Interfaces Bluray Content

The feature I really like is letting users use their mobile devices as a “virtual remote” to control Blu-ray disc features. This allows you to design any mobile user experience as opposed to being restricted to hardware buttons. Interactivity can be more finite and each screen/device can have its own unique features and experience.

Unique experiences are key for attracting die hard fans of a film. They love the opportunity and ability to be creative with beloved characters (or cars or aliens, etc) and storylines. From a profit standpoint, this is a great opportunity to make money on a popular and costly release long after the domestic and foreign box office premiere. A few upsell examples for these high profile titles might be the ability to buy a video game, ring tones, soundtracks, etc. from your mobile device or console.

Viral promotions from within the title itself could infuse a “must buy” element for hard core fans of the movie. Imagine the user being able to customize a Fast & Furious car as an animated MMS or video with text overlay. They could then send it to a fellow fan and invite them to join you on the Blu-Ray experience. Additionally, if you send the content to a friend without the Blu-Ray release, they are given an ability for an easy one-click purchase from their mobile device. 

Integration with social networking apps works really well to promote the title also. Users can update their network while they’re in the middle of an experience without a break to go to another device. 

This is an excellent example of convergence. I like how the exclusive content will encourage users to choose specific mobile devices to access Blu-ray titles. And users will want to buy specific Blu-Ray titles with the exclusive content to access features on their mobile device.

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