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The Wall Street Journal has a cool video of Immersion’s demo from the All Things Digital Conference. 

Pretty cool.  I’m excited about Haptic technology’s ability to improve the mobile user experience beyond sight and sound. Touch technology can improve experiences for anything from games to applications. A touchscreen keyboard’s usability and simplicity increase ten fold when you add in the feel of a “real” keyboard.  Speed and productivity improve tremendously. Users also get separate feedback for each key when typing with Multi-Touch.

Shared haptic experiences are innovative too – the demo shows combining touch technology with instant messaging and animated icons. Two great examples are the pulsing heart icon actually feeling like a beating heart or the concept of congratulary glasses clinking together. Perfect for a liquor advertisement. 

The first thing I think of when I hear touch feedback is gaming – and it makes it a true multisensory entertainment experience. But visit Immersion  and you’ll learn that touch screen technology reaches beyond the uses that immediately come to mind. Medical and surgical simulators and automotive controls are two “outside the game” industries that benefit from haptic research.

Imagine one day if haptics was integrated across multiple devices. You could share a multisensory personal experience with friends and family tuning in via their mobile, television or a laptop. What if family was scattered across the world for a major holiday? A meal time get-together could be a fun way to get together and not have anyone feel left out – no matter how far away they are.

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