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Mobile Crunch reviewed the new Sony Ericsson Andrioid interface (codenamed “Rachel”), after a video showed up on YouTube this month. It is another interesting example of a super polished Android interface for mobile users.

There are lots of nice mobile user interface elements:

  • The transitions between screens are very cool, particularly the parallax scrolling.
  • A menu of icons rises from a bottom dock overlaid onto your current application.
  • Selecting a contact, having it scale up and find the threaded conversation – nice.

I’d love to see some menu overlayed with transparency over the application. You could have context of what you were doing, particulary when interrupted.

Of course, we’re not sure if this video accurately represents the “Rachel” that will be available to the public. There are a few issues I noticed immediately. For example, some of the transitions seem a bit gratuitous – going from contact to contact as well as paging through contacts. My concern is that it’s slow, unnecessary and gets in the way of a usable mobile user experience. Additionally, the text for contacts information (name, status, etc) is difficult to read. Lastly, when texting, the keyboard covers the last parts of your conversation.

It’s great to see more sleek and innovative Android user interfaces come out. For now, this will definitely draw comparison’s to HTC’s Sense user interface.

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