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MobileCrunch has an article that’s a good example of mobile technology solving a “real world” problem. When I asked a friend to tell me the first word he thought of when I said “Paint a room” he replied lightening fast – “Sucks.” Painting probably ranks at the top of the most labor intensive and tedious home improvement tasks. Believe it or not, there’s an iPhone app that can make it easier. (No, it’s not a person showing up to do the actually painting unfortunately). Companies are typically too eager to jump on the app bandwagon but not this time.

iPhone User Experience Painting App

Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap lets you take a photo of anything (a current paint color, a flower you like) and match it to one of their paint colors. It also identifies two Sherwin-Williams secondary colors to compliment your primary choice. If you don’t have the natural color matching “skill” like a professional designer or decorator, choosing colors adds an extra layer of anxiety to an already tough job. 

I like this application as it moves the mobile industry forward due to its “real-world” use for consumers.  Customers that might never consider playing a mobile game or joining a social network can immediately see how this app is more useful than standing in a store guessing or using an old school color wheel. It’s also the perfect app example to show a friend or family member who doesn’t “get” how mobile technology is evolving everyday life. 

Not only is ColorSnap designed to exclusively sell Sherwin-Williams product but once users have fun capturing colors they like and transforming a room, they might get into the habit and repaint more often. Since the economic downturn, repainting has been singled out as the easiest and cheapest way to improve your home value. So from a marketing standpoint – the timing is perfect for this app.

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