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This week, several sites, including Fast Company, reported the new partnership of Google and Visible World, a software company that provides customized TV ads based on an individual subscribers demographic data. 

Smart Mobile TV Ads

For example, three families might be watching the same network program. The family with children gets an ad for Sea World, the newly weds see a Las Vegas vacation package while the retired couple watches a golf resort promotion. 

Mobile design possibilities would be a great fit for this type of targeted advertisement. Advertisers reach their desired niche audience and users benefit from information they actually want and can use. Adding in a mobile specific component could be even more valuable for everyone – especially since a recent study suggests that mobile video users are the most valuable marketing audience.

The ability to collect valuable viewer data will be greatly expanded as convergence becomes more prevalent, particularly in interactive television. Instead of relying solely on information provided by a subscribers cable box, a variety of information could be collected from a “composite user” across multiple screens such as mobile and computer. And perhaps using other platforms to expand targeted advertising could avoid the TiVo commercial zapping feature? 

Google Voice could be another rich source of mobile TV ad demographics. I think additional bonuses should be available for users who divulge more demographic data. Perhaps premium content is discounted or special offers are exclusively available. 

So in the near future, an advertisement that entices you to pick up the phone or go to the store will probably be fine tuned to your specific needs. It’s a win-win situation for advertisers and users and will only be more successful as useful designed-for mobile components are added.

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