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Have you ever thought “Hey, pushing buttons to change a channel or lower the volume is just too taxing!”? If you’re partial to a wave of the hand instead of the push of a button, a remote control designed for you might be coming soon.  I joke, but gesture technology is on the horizon and I’m sure it will quickly move beyond the living room television.

Canesta, GestureTek and Hitachi have came together to create a way to control a television with simple hand gestures. A demonstration was given at the recent D: All Things Digital conference and one comment by the demonstrator made me take notice.  He said that the low cost 3D camera utilized for the software can be built in or added to any device, like a computer. I immediately thought of future uses across a variety of platforms such as: 

  • Perhaps users could be in different locations in front of a television. You could interact with your social network.
  • Think of what rich media ads would like. Advertising could be manipulated by gestures – perhaps to get a special offer or discount. Imagine a banner ad of hitting tennis balls to get a discount while viewing a tennis match. 
  •  Down the road, mobile devices will have projectors so you can share content with a group of people. Gesturing would make interacting with several users possible and minimize the actual touching of the device.

As mentioned in the demonstration, it will be interesting to see how the struggle for the remote control changes as technology evolves. 

Source: BoomTown article.

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