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InteractiveTV Today had a fascinating article about the extensive multiplatform initiative CBS has built around the 11th season of reality-TV show, “Big Brother” (It premiered last Thursday, July 9th).

Interactive TV Remote Control

I don’t even know where to begin with all of the interactive elements available to fans. A few of the most interesting elements include:

  • A fantasy league that will allow viewers to compete for “real world” prizes.
  • Episodes will be simulcast on the CBS mobile channel as well as the FLO TV mobile service
  • Viewers will be able to interact via SMS
  • A mobile SIM game
  • Video clips will be available on major carriers

From a mobile standpoint, I can’t wait to watch user experiences become more innovative. For example, when I’m watching a network show, what could a mobile device allow me to do simultaneously that is both unique and adds to the experience of the program.

Some possibilities include an integrated chat session with my friends across multiple platforms like IM, twitter or text messaging. Researching products featured on the show and having the ability to buy would be another creative (and for the network, profitable) function. Additionally, buying additional show media might be interesting if it was not too intrusive.

The home entertainment landscape is evolving quickly. I think the challenge for “traditional” entertainment like network television or books (see my post on Kindle ads) will be to add to the user experience without being too intrusive or pushing a hard sell “buy this/buy that” message.

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