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Brandweek has an interesting article about how Carnival Cruise Lines is capitalizing on empty storefronts - combining the physical world with fun interactivity and a follow-up marketing message.  And they are using mobile technology in a big (and very smart) way.

Carnival Mobile Marketing

The way it works is this: A storefront is decorated like a giant aquarium with painted graphics around an interactive screen. A phone number is given to call to create a custom digital fish – turning spectators into participants.  The on-site caller guides the fish around the tank in real time with voice commands or a phone keypad.  Participants then receive a thank you text message and, of course, an invitation to a web site. As an added interactive element, motion sensors track external movement from people walking by, causing underwater plants to move and sway. 

Carnival has made sure that this is not a “one time” experience - the application stores the information so you can return later to reconnect with your creation. And experience the Carnival message over and over. 

As I’m sure Carnival counted on, people are constantly using mobile devices to share the display with others, furthering interactivity.

Carnival Cruise Line is no stranger to creative marketing stunts – they tried to get into the Guinness World Record book with a building-sized piñata and a blimp-sized inflatable beach ball.  While those were great visuals and for word-of-mouth, the interactivity feature on the current campaign is taking it to the next level. 

Rich interactivity works. Is it any surprise that these displays performed 900% better than Carnival’s rich media ads?

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