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This September, your days of crowding around the tiny screen of a mobile device to check out a cool video or application are over. Chinese accessories maker Phonesuit is releasing a micro projector for the iPhone.

iPhone Social Media Projector

This could do for the iPhone what laptop projection did for business meetings. You will be able to project your screen up to an image size of 40 inches. Ten years ago, a 40 inch plasma TV was $15,000 – now this technology is affordable and transportable. Imagine any wall space becoming a showcase for the iPhone experience.

This reminds me of the early days of the iPod explosion – DJ’s could carry all their music on an iPod instead of lugging around CD’s or vinyl.  Sharing music was brought to a new level and now mobile user experience sharing has arrived.

Instead of one or two people squinting at a small screen, you can share your mobile media with as many people as you can fit in a room.  From a business standpoint, this is a great development allowing brainstorming and input from a group while looking at the same projected image in real time.  This will also be a jackpot for the media sharing crowd – performance pieces, video, art, blogs, films, dancing, graphics, etc. 

I’m assuming interactivity with the projection will be a next step. For example, there are advertisements in malls or movie theaters that use interactive floors. You can jump up and down on them to manipulate an image or play a game like Pong.  Meanwhile, the advertiser is subtly, or not so subtly, getting his message to those playing and watching. A mobile device video projector with interactive capabilities is imminent. 

The company is promoting these features: a standard dock connector that charges the phone, built-in speakers, 640×480 resolution image display and the ability to project on most viewing surfaces. 

Source: Mobile Entertainment article.

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