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Phoolah is taking mobile customization and personalization and mobile payments to the next level. (The name comes from a combination of payment card, personalized skin and mobile phone).  It’s a personalized skin for your mobile phone that has an RFID reader allowing you to pay your bill and reload your account over the air.  Phoolah innovates combining two things consumers crave – personal flair and easy payment options.Mobile Payments Customization

Paying with personalization has been done in a big way with University Alumni credit cards. Personalized skins are an outside-the-box next step to turn your phone into a payment system.  Prepay could be a jackpot for a company that promotes a skin loaded with a set amount of funds like a debit card. It could be used as emergency funds in case of a lost or forgotten wallet or given to your child to keep purchases in check. 

As mobile payments become more prevalent, combination uses like a personalized skin will become more accepted and more innovative with an unlimited number of payment combinations. What if a mobile payment device is combined with a promotion for a highly anticipated summer blockbuster? Consumers could pay for a personalized skin and get value added benefits like special discounts or access to movie features.  As an added bonus, the film is advertised over and over – not just to the owner but to anyone who notices the personalized feature every time the phone is used

Phoolah’s website touts the product as “a cool way to pay.” I agree.

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