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Blockbuster films and fast food and consumer rewards – it’s a great (and profitable) combination. This summer brings both an in-store and on-line promotion, the Burger King ‘Transform Your Way‘ scratch-off game.  Prizes offered range from a million dollars to a 99 cent cheeseburger. 

The heart of the game is scratchers available with a selected menu item purchased at Burger King – scratch the right combination and claim your prize. You can also enter online with a code found on the game piece.

How about taking that old fashioned scratcher to the next level? Mobile device touch screens are becoming more common. Imagine if you could build purely digital scratchers via touch screen interfaces. The experience would be more interactive, tactile, and engaging. Here’s what we think the scratcher could be like:

Companies would save a bundle on printing and shipping and additional content could be promoted simultaneously. The additional content features could be further subsidized by banner ads for theaters, merchandise, fan features or special discounts.  

Saving money and making money. What company would turn down that opportunity? 

There’s even an environmentally green component – no wasteful materials used and potential litter eliminated.  

Every marketer is hungry for information about who is buying their product. When consumers play the digital scratcher, companies could harvest additional valuable marketing information. Perfect for targeting future contests. Or even promoting the blockbuster film yet again when it becomes available for rental, purchase, or on-demand download.

Source: Brandweek article

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