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Fox Networks groundbreaking animated sitcom “Family Guy” is truly a revolution - The show is one of only a handful of network television series cancelled then resurrected.  Viewers were devastated when the show ended but their continued loyalty through DVD sales and highly rated reruns paid off.   “Family Guy” fans love the show and are willing to shell out money to prove it. Fox takes great advantage of this loyalty with an in App purchasing program. 

The show is more accessible than ever to its loyal fan base with a $1.99 iPhone app.  The app allows users to view up to 20 show clips, create custom video mixes and instantly buy full episodes through an embedded link to Apple’s iTunes. The app is making use of one of iPhone 3.0’s top new features: in-app purchasing. (Special features that only a “Family Guy” watcher will get include the “Stewie Pin-up” and “Peter Toss”)Family Guy iPhone App Screenshots

From a development standpoint, I love fact that they are charging users $1.99 reimbursing the development cost. And it will be interesting to see apps like this evolve particularly as they get viral beyond the iPhone – AT&T will launch mms support in late summer. This means that “Family Guy” users could MMS from the app and be able to reach non-iPhone users.  Users can promote media virally and not be limited to one platform. 

This a great use of in-app purchasing that captures the shows targeted (and coveted) key male demographic. Family Guy watchers are consummate sharers and will be immediately ready to share content of the app with friends. The app is supported by limited, interactive, pre-roll video advertising and can be used on the iPhone and iPod Touch.  This means ads are presented organically for content available to purchase. Fox leveraging users to perform unpaid viral marketing for their show is a great move. I’m sure experimentation covering broad range of shows is already in the works. I’m thinking Simpsons, 24, Lost, Heroes, CSI and highly rated reality shows would be perfect for this kind of app…What shows would you suggest? 

Source: FierceMobileContent Article.

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