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Effective process

When you work with Omega Mobile on your multimedia projects, we bring a highly effective 5-step process to bear on creating your perfect application solution.

Step 1: Discovery

Learn first, then brainstorm. The learning step is essential to understand your business objectives, your market forces, and your consumers. We need to absorb your strategy, gain a clear understanding of your functional requirements, and know what your customers want and need. After we know your objectives, we start brainstorming solutions that can produces outstanding results. (top^)

Step 2: Definition

Communication between the Omega Mobile team and yours is crucial during this phase to ensure the scope of the project fully matches your requirements. During the Definition Step, we set our design and development schedule and configure your solution. This requires a technology assessment to define: (top^)

Step 3: Design

Design begins by creating simple informational and visual architecture schemes. Next, we perform a competitive benchmark analysis which leads to synchronizing your brand message with the application's look and feel. We provide advice and consultation to assure effective structure and navigation parameters and experience strategy. The final design deliverables are conceptual models submitted for your approval. (top^)

Step 4: Development

This is "where the rubber meets the road." We finalize all design templates, navigation structure, content flow, system and application functions at this stage. The application is subjected to rigorous testing and quality assurance checks to identify and correct any data errors and other non-compliance issues. (top^)

Step 5: Delivery

We work out the digital details to ensure a smooth delivery. A beta application or system is set up for all final testing, defect tracking, and data integration. After the system or application is activated, regular maintenance and updates are scheduled. (top^)