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Nader Nejat, CEO & Founder

Nader Nejat is the CEO & Founder of Omega Mobile, an interactive mobile experience studio. He leads the design and development of strategically integrated mobile experiences; directs product creation, innovation, and ideation; and helps companies maximize mobile opportunities. Omega Mobile's initiatives consist of mobile apps, mobile sites, landing pages, and rich media mobile ads. Additionally, Omega Mobile provides innovative solutions for mobile user interfaces, experience design, prototype design, and mobile systems. Nader's passion for driving rich experiences influences the solutions he creates for mobile and other devices - from phones and consumer electronics to toys and in-car entertainment systems.

Nader first delved into interactive rich media experiences when CD-Roms were the de-facto rich experience. He started developing web experiences in 1994 and creating mobile experiences in 1999. His work in the fields of entertainment, advertising, technology, publishing, and marketing includes mobile projects for Adobe, AT&T, Fox, Nokia, Qualcomm, and Sony. As a renowned pioneer, lecturer, teacher and all-around mobile multimedia expert, he considers communicating through design and technology more than just his job. Nader's life experiences - including degrees in psychology, communications and computer graphics - have influenced the pursuit of his passion for creating interactive media through Omega Mobile. Omega Mobile's current areas of focus include deep mobile branding, QR retail & brand strategies, mobile advertising, and integrated mobile marketing experiences.