About — How We Think

How We Think

At Omega Mobile, we think that providing truly sophisticated, interactive mobile applications, personalized user interfaces, rich media data services, and compelling animated content - is what our clients need to get new customers and keep them coming back for more products and services. We also know that your customers' satisfaction is critical for the success of your business. That's why we deliver stunning mobile multimedia experience that consumers find engaging and easy to use.

Understanding the ecosystem

Omega Mobile understands the needs of the mobile multimedia ecosystem that includes a myriad of markets and multiple players in the service channel. We appreciate the fact that each market and player has its own unique perspective on the mobile ecosystem. Carrier concerns differ from the consumer perspective. Device manufacturers have their own interests and the mobile business sector tries to integrate it all and still run a profitable enterprise. Omega Mobile can make your project not only meet your needs but the needs of your clients and those of consumers, as well. Our action plan is to always strategically exceed business needs while providing consumers with simply stunning mobile experiences. (top^)

The message is not the massage.

With all due respect to Marshall McLuhan, our operating philosophy is that the message is simply THE MESSAGE. The medium must fit the device in the palms of consumer hands. Too often, people throw a bunch of bells and whistles at a project. When the gimmicks are stripped away, what's left is a barren message with no meaning, little effectiveness, and no compelling "why to buy". You've seen this before in other media, mobile is no different. You've been to movies that feature great special effects, but no plot. You probably left feeling irritated that you spent $10 and two hours of your life watching that stuff. We believe that the interactive medium can deliver your message, but the medium cannot "massage" useless fluff into compelling, revenue-generating, substantial content. That's why we work backwards from what your consumers' needs and wants to craft content they will pay for. (top^)

Simplicity is best.

People must deal with too much clutter and noise in their lives. Why add to it? Complexity for the sake of being complex and lack of clarity will extinguish consumer desires in a heartbeat. At Omega Mobile, we believe that complex information should be communicated as simply and clearly as possible. Make the details - the complexity - available if your user wishes to pursue the message further. We create experiences that cut through the clutter to provide valuable information that anyone can use. (top^)

Great projects get outstanding results.

Great projects don't just win awards. A great multimedia project ultimately produces outstanding results. A great mobile experience is more than just passive consumption of media. It allows the user to communicate and derive far more value from a service. Great mobile multimedia is also easy to use, allowing the operator that deploys the service to get more customers and increase usage. Our extensive experience has taught us that mobile multimedia success is not just about making something pretty, trendy, or implementing "bleeding edge" technology for technology's sake. It's about capturing customer attention, acquiring customer opt-in information for your database, attracting funding, selling services, educating, building brands, moving products and much more. Your project deserves to achieve get results beyond expectations, not just win design awards. (top^)

Maximum effort for maximum potential

You don't achieve spectacular results without maximum effort. That's why we accelerate the mobile interactive multimedia medium to achieve its maximum potential. Pushing the envelope doesn't mean flying off into oblivion. We build projects that deliver your desired results, visually appealing and technologically solid while achieving your business goals. (top^)