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Corporate History

Established in 2001, Omega Mobile, is a provider of rich mobile multimedia applications with extensive strategic and tactical experience. We have a passion for compelling content and an acute understanding of strategies, markets, technologies, creative techniques and more. We offer strategic advice and creative execution of mobile multimedia experiences. Omega Mobile creates products and services with consumers in mind. We make it quick and easy for consumers to use, try, and purchase data services, applications, and content.

A mobile industry pioneer

Omega Mobile is a pioneer in creating mobile multimedia applications and providing mobile Flash training. We were among the very first in the industry to design applications using Flash for mobile devices. Expert in FlashCast, Flash Lite and other technologies, our team creates mobile multimedia based on much more than just the latest technical standards. We utilize extensive consumer research that provides for consumer needs and desires. Recognizing trends ahead of the curve in time to capitalize on them is fundamental to Omega Mobile's innovative and user-oriented applications. That's why Omega Mobile has been chosen by Macromedia, Qualcomm, Verizon Wireless and a Who' Who list of other leading player in the mobile world for numerous pilot projects creating the next generation of mobile services, content, experiences and user interfaces. (top^)

A company on a mission

Omega Mobile's mission is to create mobile multimedia that generates consumer adoption. That mission requires only the most compelling, engaging interactive mobile multimedia experiences possible.

If you take away nothing else from all this, remember just one thing: Omega Mobile is the shortest route between your business and stunning mobile multimedia experiences. (top^)